Yinz the Correct Place if You Love PGH!

Hiya there! How y’inz all doing? Pardon my enthusiasm, but I didn’t expect to see visitors here so soon. Oh no, don’t leave yet. I’m glad you came, and I’ll do my best to be a gracious host for you.

Who here remembers when our beloved Penguins were nearly bankrupt, and left for dead? It’s hard to imagine in this day and age, as we have come so amazingly far as a unit and as an organization. I would like to thank everyone associated with the Eastern Conference superstars that we all know and love. As they say ‘give blood… play hockey’, and fans in the Steel City are never afraid to put it all on the line and give their heart and soul, their sweat and their guts, the very shirt of their back to make sure that the players know through all three periods that Pgh has got their backs.

You know I was back there in Pittsburgh during the casino or the 80s. The guy who wrote this book he didn’t amazing job taking you behind in the back room where the TV is plots were hatched. This is the crooked kind of politics that was used to get the licensing done on those casinos and this is a staple in the history of the Penguins ice arena as well.
This guy really takes you back in time to that era that by going to work trucks for a crooks and good guys were not in control in the land of the three rivers. It was a sad time but my own dear grandfather was going up after the Great Depression and Pittsburgh was no longer a steel town like it had been in the past eras in the fight on ages.
If I sense every time that Mario Lemieux scored a hat trick for the penguins I will be a very rich man. I have always been a black and yellow fan through all my childhood through my elderly and geriatric years I can always remember the Lamiraux was the greatest player on the squad to ever grace Allegheny County.
I sometime tire of reflecting on these old days. Is long as you people are here reading this I’m going to keep on writing it. You know back there in that day Jimmy Hoffa was getting buried back in Jersey things back in Pittsburgh they weren’t doing too well either. You had mob bosses bribing officials to get this damn hockey center belt and that’s how the Penguins ended up getting the start that’s how those birds got hatched. Those mafiosi were riding around wearing Coco Chanel, drink drambuie, and smoking only the finest in cuban cigars and the green stuff. It was like on giant Pittsburgh limo service that was run on the tax money of the common peeps.
I really am getting tired now these weary bones are slowing down with age and I tired of talking to you about this in this strange manner. There are a lot of bridges in Pittsburgh and several of them led to the old three Rivers Stadium do you remember what it was called that rather than PNC Park I was actually around back then I remember what it was like. You young whippersnapper’s are all just Louis fiasco fans and that other guy with the song what was his name?